Leukopenia ICD 9

Leukopenia ICD 9 like the name suggests is a disease of the blood. The disease is as a result of the number of the white blood cells which are the leukocytes. Low number of the leucocytes put the body at risk of infection of the disease.

Defining the diseases

The white blood cells have the responsibility of protecting the body against pathogens. They are the immunity cells in the blood. They usually provide natural protection for the body from any imminent infection and keep the body free of diseases. In the event of an infection, the white blood cells are tasked to approach the location of infection and engulf the pathogens.

There needs to be a certain level of white blood cells in the body for the body to be fully protected. Leukopenia means reduction in the level of white blood cells. The ICD 9 means International Classification of Diseases code 9. The code referred to as ICD 9 refers to a disease or condition whose overall impact is difficult to confine to a particular description. It may be an infection or a result of an infectious disease. Leukopenia ICD 9 means that the condition may be an infection or a result of an infectious diseases.


Acute viral infections such as influenza or the common cold may result to low white cells count. Other causes such as systemic lupus erythematous, Hodgkin lymphoma and forms of cancer may cause these conditions. There are cases where typhoid, tuberculosis, dengue fever, malaria, and rickettsia infections have caused low levels of white blood cells. Some forms of therapy such as chemotherapy, and radiation therapy may also result to low levels of white blood cells.

Taking some form of medications may also cause the disease. Medications such as clozapine can affect the level of white blood cells in the body. The antidepressant and smoking addiction cure bupropion HCL is known to cause this disease. Other medications that should be avoided are immunosuppressant drugs including siromilus, clycosporine, Arava, and TNF inhibitors.


To diagnose Leukopenia ICD 9 you perform an ordinary Leukopenia diagnosis, which involves a complete blood count. The blood count is then compared to the blood reference ranges where the 2.5 percentile is a limit for leukocytosis.


When you suffer low levels of white blood cells, the immunity of the body falls significantly. This means that the body is prone to diseases and illnesses. You are likely to fall regularly ill contacting any disease regularly.


The key to preventing this disease is having a good health and being fit. The body immunity levels need to be optimized. This can be through a good diet and having regular exercises. One needs to have sufficient intake of minerals such as copper and zinc. You also need to seek medication when you have contracted any of the mentioned causative diseases.

You should prevent stress and do not over work yourself. The key to preventing this disease is ensuring that you observe all the measures that ensure that you have a good immunity level. The secret is living healthy and ensuring that your body operates at optimized levels.