Leukopenia Treatment

Leukopenia is a decrease in white blood cell in human blood. It affects body immune systems, making victim susceptible to other diseases and infections. Leukopenia symptoms varies and at time may not be easily detected. Leukopenia is actually a medical condition that needs urgent medical care.

The normal white blood cells (WHCs) ranges from 5000 to 1000 per cubic millimeter. But if you are suffering from Leukopenia, the white blood cells drops below 3,500 per cubic millimeter. At times the term neutropenia is also used interchangeably. Neutrophils are the most abundant WHCs, and neutropenia is a subtype of Leukopenia, it refers to low neutrophils in white blood cells.

Some of the Leukopenia causes are:

Approaches to Leukopenia treatment

Treat the underlying diseases- if the condition is caused by diseases such as TB and cold/flu, it is good to treat the problem first.

In severe cases, stem cell transplant is used treat neutropenia, especially if it is caused by bone marrow problems.

G-CSF (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) is one of the best options available. This treatment stimulates the bone marrow to produce more WBCs. It is used treat several types of neutropenia, such as congenital types. This treatment can actually be lifesaving in these cases.

Drugs are available to boost immune system and enable body to produce more white blood cells. Antibacterial have been found to increase the alleviate Leukopenia.

Avoiding contact with sick people

Leukopenia victims are susceptible to other diseases and infections. Contacting more diseases means more white blood cells will be used to defend your body against infections, you will end up losing more white more blood cells.

Good hygiene

Victims should maintain god hygiene. For example, good dental health, wash your hands frequently and avoid eating unwashed fruits.

Always remain in closed shoes to avoid further infections.

If you have cut or open wound, ensure they are covered with a bandage to avoid penetration of germs which would further weaken your immune system.

If you suffer Leukopenia, don't use razor to shave. Experts recommend use of electrical shavers. Razor causes wounds which opens your body to further infections.

Avoid undercooked meats, unpasteurized milk and raw fruits, grains, vegetables, honey and nuts. In addition, ensure you are proper diet always.

Healthy lifestyle- avoid sedentary life. Physical exercises will strengthen your body and enable it to recover quickly. Sleep is very important, the victim should get enough sleep, at least 7 hours in a day. Sleep energizes your body and can significantly improve white blood cells.

Leukopenia can also be caused by some medication, in this case, Leukopenia treatment involves changing medications.

Leukopenia is not considered as a life threatening condition in itself, but it makes body vulnerable to other diseases, and may cause fatal results in future. Thus it should be diagnosed and treated in time.


Leukopenia can be identified through blood count of white blood cells in a cubic millimeter of blood.