Leukopenia Symptoms

Leukopenia is a medical condition where there is a decrease in the number of white blood cells. The normal total white blood cells are 5000-10000 per cubic millimeter. In this condition, the number of white blood cells usually decreases below 4,000. Leukopenia provides natural defense against infections. If one is suffering from this disease, It decreases a person's ability to fight diseases and infection. Having a low blood count has direct effect on your immune system that fights the body's infections in the bloodstream. A complete blood count (CBC) is sufficient to confirm Leukopenia.

What are causes of Leukopenia?

What are symptoms of Leukopenia?


It is a common symptom of Leukopenia which indicates the dipping in red blood cells along with the white blood cells count. This can defined as low red blood cells or hemoglobin which results to blood dyscrasis. Red blood cells are very important for proper circulation of oxygen in the body. Most patients suffering from this condition usually experience some shortness of breath and a pounding heartbeat after exercise. They may become dizzy and have difficulty in concentrating. Insomnia, pale skin and leg cramps are some of the indicators that the patient is suffering from anemia.


A patient suffering from Leukopenia experience increased fatigability even with slight exertion due to low hemoglobin level. This is one of the common manifestations of Leukopenia.


This is a condition where bleeding usually originates from the uterus. This is not caused by menstruation but by existing infection of the uterus.


Women who are suffering from this condition have abnormally heavy menstrual period. They may have prolonged duration.


Thrombocytopenia can be defined as decrease in the number of thrombocytes and platelets. These particular components are responsible for clotting mechanism of the blood. Thrombocytopenia is also brought about by blood dyscrasias.


This is the inflammation of the mucous lining of the mouth and may include gums, lips cheeks and tongue. It can be brought about by some infections.


A person suffering from this Leukopenia is likely to experience neurasthenia. It is a cluster of symptoms which includes fatigue, headache and disturbed emotional balance.


When the infection has gained access to the system it may likely affect the lungs. These could get clogged up with bacteria and virus which may result to pneumonia. This condition requires immediate medical treatment to avoid further complications.

Medication of this treatment will vary based on the nature of infection. Having enough blood white blood cells, in the body helps to eliminate any infectious diseases. Patients should have multivitamins that contain zinc and copper to ensure the body has enough nutrients to produce healthy blood cells. Leukopenia is diagnosed with a complete blood count. Treatment of Leukopenia involves steroids or other medicines , enough vitamins, a healthy balanced diet and having adequate rest.